Nanci Meadows || People Champion @ Dynamic Events

Nanci Meadows is the People Champion of Dynamic Events and Hubb, corporate event planning and event management software companies in Vancouver, WA. The awesome teams at Dynamic Events and Hubb manage and power some of the largest events in the world including HubSpot and Microsoft Ignite.  

Having worked with teams in the areas of process improvement and execution excellence for over 20 years, Nanci’s primary focus has evolved into creating cultures where every team member is able to be the full, wonderful, amazing adult at work as they are anywhere else in life.  DE & Hubb colleagues agree that “there is no such thing as work life balance – there’s just this one life and you happen to be living it some of it here.”

This near-nirvana is achieved through a self-managed teams methodology. When people are free to manage their commitments (not each other) exciting and innovative things begin to happen!  Nanci was the 2016 Vancouver Business Journal HR Leadership Award winner for her efforts in liberating teams to achieve their highest potential through self-management.