Sharon Orlopp || Former SVP of People, Sam’s Club

In this session, Sharon will share lessons from turning culture around at Sam’s Club, one of the world’s largest employers.

When the CEO of Sam’s Club departed, the company was without a CEO for about four months. During that same time period, Sam’s Club also lost its Chief Merchandising Officer and EVP of Operations.

For four entire months, the company was without its three most critical leaders. Sam’s Club limped through the holidays, experienced a re-org/layoff, and saw morale plummet. The timing could not be worse.

Join Sharon to learn how she skyrocketed morale and partnered with the new CEO of Sam’s Club to make culture and alignment a sustainable advantage.

Sharon Orlopp is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Core Scientific, a blockchain technology start-up. She recently retired as the Global Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Vice President, Corporate HR at Walmart, where she was responsible for advancing a diverse and inclusive workforce of 2.2 million associates worldwide.