Sarah Bird || CEO @ Moz

Sarah Bird serves as the CEO of Moz, the world’s leading  SEO software company. Sarah has overseen the growth of Moz from a few hundred to over 36,000 passionate customers from all over the world. Moz also host the world’s largest and most passionate community of online marketers with over two million visits to the Moz blog each month.  

A student of the world, Sarah attended Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada; Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey; University of Washington School of Law in Seattle, Washington; and East China University School of Law and Politics in Shanghai, China. After practicing law for several years, Sarah threw herself into the startup lifestyle and helped build Moz from the ground up. She sets the company strategy and drives execution through alignment, authentic company culture, and transparency. She regularly speaks about culture, entrepreneurship, search marketing, and business models.