Renee Smith || Director of Workplace Transformation at Results Washington & Founder, A Human Workplace

Renée serves at as Director of Workplace Transformation at Results Washington, in the Office of the Governor, where she leads a statewide program of A Human Workplace: Make Government More Human to apply human-centered principles and practices to state government workplace cultures. Before joining Results Washington, Renée spent nearly seventeen years providing organization development services to public, private, and non-profit organizations, as both an internal and external consultant, always with creativity and keen attunement to people.

At the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Renée directed the Organization Development Services division that provided Lean Transformation Services and Change Excellence Services to DES and Government to Government Lean Consulting to other state and local governments.

As the Founder of A Human Workplace: Make Work More Human, Renée champions a more loving, human-centered workplace. She does this through primary research, writing, and speaking on Making Work More Human, through convening gatherings to practice being human at work, and through consulting and coaching select leaders and groups.