Darleen Lenyo || Vice President / Director of Talent Development & Employee Engagement @ Crescent Bank

Her mother wanted her to be a teacher, but as a teenager she wanted to wear business suits and sign important business documents.  Darleen found the best of both worlds (and was able to make her mother happy), when she discovered Talent Development in the finance industry as a profession.

Starting her career as a teller in a local Seattle credit union, Darleen has 20+ years’ experience in employee development, helping 3 organizations develop training platforms from the ground up, and earlier this year, she spent two months in the Philippines implementing a workforce development program for off-shore account.  

She currently serves as the Vice President of Talent Development and Employee Engagement for a New Orleans based bank and is the upcoming President for the Association of Talent Development’s local New Orleans chapter. She has been a certified Disc trainer for 11 years, has a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, and has owned and run two different businesses.