Anna Blake || Human Resources Assistant @ Therapeutic Associates


Anna Blake has been working in Human Resources with Therapeutic Associates for the past three years. Relatively new to the industry, she’s been excited at the variety her job description entails: from explaining medical benefits to new employees, to managing the company’s wellness program; from analyzing turnover data to building wage charts and spreadsheets.

Her company, Therapeutic Associates Inc., supports 800+ employees over 4 states. In spite of the company’s size, she is one of a two-person Human Resources team for the company—this has resulted in a wide assortment of administrative and employee satisfaction experience.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys reading and baking, sailing with her husband, and dancing with her daughter! Currently, life keeps her very busy as she is expecting her second baby (a girl!), and she and her husband are in the process of renovating their home—an old 1903 farmhouse.