Sneak Preview: Upcoming TINYpulse Releases

Dave Hajdu, Prem Kumar

Be the first to see what TINYpulse has done this year to bring the concept of pulsing deeper into the context of employee lifecycle. In this session, you’ll get a close look at the vision that allows customers to truly understand – and act upon – their employees journey in real-time.

This session will introduce:

  • Giving your team members more ways to get Engaged with TINYpulse
  • Helping you understand a new hire’s experience in his or her first weeks on the job
  • Organize and centralize your employee exit data

Brand new time-saving features:

  • User management integration
  • Visualization enhancements to survey and suggestion data
  • Unified Dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting
  • And coming soon…Deeper Predictive analytics