Through the Looking Glass(door)

Peter Phelan

You’re proud of your investments in improving the employee experience at your organization. You’re feeling good about keeping cultural debt low as you’ve not made any formal organizational culture promises without being 100% confident they would be kept. You’re delighted with your retention numbers among top performers and just wish that you could find more of them by getting your great employee value proposition to be better known. Maybe social media can help attract the top talent you seek?

Then you look at Glassdoor and it’s like you’ve gone through the looking glass in a very unpleasant way. The picture painted there seems to magnify your organizations growing pains into gigantic concerns that ill-intentioned management have proven time and time again to be determined to ignore! While your engagement scores were going up and to the right on internal measures – over at Glassdoor it’s the ugly mirror image. Your company is being accused of breaking promises that you feel confident were never made! What do you do???