Building Intentional Culture with TINYpulse

Leah Roe

At Healthfinch, we are remote-first, and our team is spread throughout the country. This poses incredible opportunities and challenges for our culture. We work hard to bridge the gap between the fully remote and the onsite staff, and that takes a lot of work to be intentional about the culture we are building. We work deliberately on our culture, and ask our employees to provide feedback on what they love, what they they are struggling with, and what ideas they have to strengthen our culture. We will be the first to admit that our culture is not perfect; it is constantly evolving.

We use TINYpulse to solicit feedback to measure our employees’ engagement & happiness, and to make proactive change in our culture. TINYpulse is a great partner for us in being deliberate and intentional about our culture, and in ensuring our employees are heard, valued, and engaged.