The Ownership Culture: How to Build a Culture of Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Dan Golden

Companies that empower employees create a sense of ownership and a culture that encourages employees to engage with each other and with clients in a more meaningful way. In this environment, employees view themselves as stakeholders leading to more strategic thinking, a greater focus on positive outcomes, and a consistent effort to increase value, business results and revenue.


This session is not about how to set up an ESOP program. Rather, we will focus on how to implement an approach that encourages your entire team to live and breath “We don’t just work here”. We call this the Ownership Culture. In this session, participants will have an opportunity to identify ways to drive employee engagement in their own businesses as we review and discuss success stories including how this approach can overcome challenges and improve results during “hard times.” Attendees will leave this session with tools, ideas and processes to begin a transformation to an employee ownership culture.”