In 2017, we explored how big data can improve engagement and transform company culture.

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From Mark Roberge of Hubspot to Margaret Wheeler of Stitch Fix, TINYcon 2017 welcomed renowned leaders from across the country.

Last year, Keynote Speaker Scott Dorsey set the tone for an amazing conference. The founder and CEO of ExactTarget (later acquired by Salesforce), Dorsey helmed a company renowned for its “Orange” culture and family feel, even through rapid growth.

We focused on culture as a competitive advantage, with an agenda featuring specialists from all over the world. From understanding the science behind “reluctant stayers” to incorporating data into talent management, 2017 was a milestone for big data adoption in HR departments everywhere.


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Top Talks from 2017…

Thoughts on Last Year’s TINYcon


VP of Human Resources at Fidelity Investments

Data-Driven Talent Management

MARK ROBERGE | Former CRO at HubSpot

Building an Orange Culture

SCOTT DORSEY | CEO at ExactTarget, Managing Partner at High Alpha

Creating a Culture of Continuous Listening

FRANCES ROY | CEO at LeaderSync

Rethinking Retention: The Science Behind Staying

BROOKS HOLTOM | Professor at Georgetown University

What our 2017 attendees had to say…

“Give yourself the opportunity to sit in a room with like-minded leaders and challenge yourself to not walk away with a gem of knowledge.”


TINYcon 2017 Attendee

“If you are a culture junkie – then you must go. This is your tribe. These are your people.”


TINYcon 2017 Attendee

“I would share, this is not only an opportunity to learn about TINYpulse but this is an incredible opportunity to learn more about how to grow and reinvent your culture. That is important to every organization!”


TINYcon 2017 Attendee

“Awesome to take a minute outside of your normal duties and get a fresh breath of inspiration for making your company better!”


TINYcon 2017 Attendee

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