2016: Next-Gen Leaders

The inaugural TINYcon was the start of a new movement. Innovative and creative leaders came together from all over the world to push the conversation on employee engagement, performance management, building great workplaces, and more.

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price shared his personal perspective on the $70,000 story that made headlines worldwide.┬áDan Spaulding gave us a look inside the award-winning culture of Zillow Group. Industry expert Josh Bersin shared Deloitte’s research into the five things that matter most to people at work, and what companies must do to stay competitive.

We believe in the value of anonymous feedback:
“Absolutely an awesome event! Very well executed, one of the best I have attended in quite some time! Kudos!” Anonymous

TINYcon 2016 Attendee

“Great conference, with awesome speakers. It struck the right balance between product discussion and higher-level strategic conversations around employee engagement.” Anonymous

TINYcon 2016 Attendee

“Being involved in the first TINYcon was an honor, and a fantastic learning experience. I enjoyed meeting and networking with many different organizations around the world.” Anonymous

TINYcon 2016 Attendee

“Well done! Thank you for everything. You have energized me! I can’t wait to bring these ideas back to our team.” Anonymous

TINYcon 2016 Attendee

Take a look at the highlights reel!

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Top Talks from 2016