Blair Mainwaring

CEO of Ocean Design Group

Brands live and die on their leaders’ ability to operate and imagine. That need to perform to expectations now and plan for developments tomorrow generates some fascinating conversations. Blair spends an increasing amount of his time working with senior decision makers talking through the best ways forward. At times, those conversations are driven by an immediate need. At others, there’s the opportunity to carefully and systematically talk through where a brand might evolve.

Blair trained as a designer and moved into owning and running Ocean, he brings a different approach to direction setting. Blair believes that brands are assets and like all assets, they need to be managed pragmatically and responsibly to retain their current value and integrity. Unlike other investments, growing their value through good times and bad really depends on the quality and depth of the creative thinking that continues to be injected into them.

Our Ocean team brings a people perspective to developing brand value. We do that in two ways: by “bringing the customer into the room” whenever we are developing a brand and by working with companies to develop the purpose and values that all teams need to achieve great results.

Getting to that point frequently requires closing the loop between where the brand needs to go as a business and where the people inside the organization feel they are going. As a team, Ocean really enjoys taking organizations on that path across a range of sectors.